House re-caulking

Air leaks in your home can be costly. So it’s important that you re-caulk and seal all exterior and interior openings. Properly sealed prevents from water leaks and making your house more energy efficient.

Things to know: when you hire Vanguard Caulking all new caulking application will be done by the owner. We never send subcontractors to do the work.
Be a responsible home owner- always ask for WSIB, Liability insurance and Working at Heights certificate (its a law to have it starting 2017 April) when hiring a trade!

How we do it

– First we completely remove old caulking.

– Be aware that not all the companies remove it (even if they say they will), they just caulk on top of an old caulking. Re-caulking on top is not going to last for a long time and if they do remove it, they use an electrical cutter, which doesn’t do a clean and effective job. We use a cutter knife or chisel and hammer (for old hard caulking). It takes more labor work, but we know that gaps will be clean and ready for a new caulking.

Depending on a size of a gap we either spraying foam or installing backer-rod and applying with neat professional bead of caulking. At the moment Vanguard Caulking uses over 50 different silicone colors, so match is nearly perfect.

Vanguard Caulking taking care of all your house: windows, doors, vents, pipes, joints. We always supply and install new vent covers, so customer doesn’t have to worry of buying different sizes of vents.

For Re-caulking we providing 10 year written warranty!

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